~Evynn Reese~

My daughter, Evynn Reese was born on 11/1/2010. At 10 months old she was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss in both ears. This blog documents her journey to hear. It includes ups, downs, testing, hearing aids, cochlear implants, therapy, school and everything else going on in our crazy but wonderful life! Evynn is such a strong, incredible little girl and we are so very proud of her!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Evy!!

On November 1st, our sweet Evy turned 2!! I can't believe it, where has the time gone??? It feels like only yesterday that we were here...

 I took off work on the day of her actual birthday so we could make the most of it and because your baby only turns 2 once, right?!

We started off by taking Evy to school- in the adorable birthday outfit I made her, of course! Later on that day I brought treats up to school for Evy, her friends and her teachers. They sang "Happy Birthday" and then enjoyed cupcakes.
Afterwards, we went to the mall where we had lunch and did some shopping. It was a wonderful day and I'm glad that I was able to spend every minute of it with her!

 About a week later, we had her birthday party. Evy had a Disney princess party and her and all of her guests dressed as their favorite princess. They were all so cute!
It was great to have all of her friends there, as well as some of her Moog friends with cochlear implants! In the end, a good time was had by all and Evy loved it!
In my last post, I mentioned that Evy was going to have another surgery to have her tubes replaced and get her adenoids out. It was a rough day for us all but Evy's surgery went well and she had a pretty easy recovery. Here we are in front of the giant Christmas Tree at Cardinal Glennon before her surgery.
Since everything has gone fairly well since the surgery, her ENT has said that we won't need to see him for another 6 months. Thank Goodness! Not that I don't love her ENT, because I do, but I'm more than ready to be done with all of the sickness!
Besides staying busy with all the normal stuff we are also getting ready for the holidays and Evy's first hearing Christmas! She gets so excited when we talk about Santa and the Christmas Tree. I think this year will be our best yet! Here's Evy and Paityn visiting Santa at my work last week.
All of Evy's teachers have noticed, and we have too, that her speech has just really taken off since she turned two. She is now using 2 and 3 word combinations almost all the time. Most of what she says is "I want" ...Banana, juice, baby, etc. Or "I want more"...
It is so exciting to hear all of these amazing things from the mouth of my child, who just a year ago had never heard anything. Just amazing! Couldn't be more proud of this girl!
I'll leave you with a cute little video of Evy asking me for her favorite...Bubbles!!!