~Evynn Reese~

My daughter, Evynn Reese was born on 11/1/2010. At 10 months old she was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss in both ears. This blog documents her journey to hear. It includes ups, downs, testing, hearing aids, cochlear implants, therapy, school and everything else going on in our crazy but wonderful life! Evynn is such a strong, incredible little girl and we are so very proud of her!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Week Post- Activation Update

Sorry that I haven't updated the blog for a couple weeks, we have just been so busy! After Evy's activation I went back to work and we have also had doctors appointments every week. On top of all that, last weekend Evy was in the hospital :( She had started pulling her implants off, not sleeping well and was very irritable so I called her ENT. He told us that he was worried about Evy and asked if we would bring her to the ER at Cardinal Glennon. I felt silly taking her to the ER for what could possibly just be a cold, but he insisted. He said Evy's age combined with her recent implant surgery, means she is at risk for possibly developing a worse infection. Since he felt strongly about it, Kyle and I took her to see him in the ER on Friday night. I left straight from work with only the clothes on my back...little did I know that we would be admitted that night! Dr. Costa said that she had ear infections in both ears and that she would need to spend the night to get IV antibiotics. He also wanted to put tubes in her ears the next morning. Evy had tubes put in when she was 9 months old but they were taken out during her implant surgery. The doctor felt that being aggressive and putting tubes in right away would be best for Evy. We agreed and got comfortable for the night. Ok... so we weren't comfortable at all, we actually wanted to scream and cry. Kyle and I felt horrible for Evy and hated seeing her go through more testing and IVs. She just wanted to be left alone and it broke our hearts to force her to cooperate. Every time someone in scrubs walked in, Evy would scream and it was a long, sleepless night for us all. The next morning wasn't much better. Since she was scheduled for her tube surgery on Saturday morning, Evy could not eat or drink anything after midnight on Friday. Not being able to comfort her with food or drink was difficult, her IV made her extremely mad and she wanted to be held constantly. We were exhausted, but finally 9:15 am came and Evy's tubes were in before we knew it. The tubes should prevent Evy from getting any painful ear infections, and should protect her from worse infections like meningitis. Hopefully all the difficult times are behind us now and we can focus on Evy's progress with her implants. 

Evy has been a totally different baby since activation! She is more interested in toys and her playtime lasts longer. She seems to really love the sounds she is getting and even though she still fusses a little when we first put the implants on, she quickly adjusts and goes right back to smiling again. I love seeing her eyes light up when she's just heard something new. Watching her learn everyday is so exciting. Some days are tougher than others, but for the most part, I think that Evy loves her new ears!

 I loved every minute of my time off with Evy, and felt very guilty when it was time for me to go back to work. I feel so bad for leaving her all day during a time when she really needs me. After lots of reasoning and thought, I accepted a new position at a hospital. I will work three 12 hour shifts a week which will allow me to be home more often with both of the girls. I have been with my current job for almost 4 1/2 years and will miss everyone very much. I am so thankful for the love and support that I have received from my co-workers through this journey. I am truly lucky to have made such amazing friends! The new job is a great opportunity and is a good move for my family. It will take some adjusting to, and change is never easy but I'm hoping for the best in this new chapter!

Here's some pictures of my sweet Evy, playing with one of her noisy, new toys :)